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We are a 2 channel audio retail specialist located in beautiful south Florida. Come experience our extensive collection of both tube and solid state audio components, vacuum tubes, interconnects, power cords, isolation devices and power conditioners.

We have carefully selected products which not only represent the state-of-the-art on their own but also compliment each other to offer the total audio experience.

Our feature equipment lines include McIntosh, Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, PSB Speakers, Sonus faber Speakers, NAD Electronics, REL Acoustics, dCS, Nordost, Marantz, Cardas Audio, Pro-ject, VAC, Bryston, Harmonic Resolution Systems, Raidho Acoustics, Martin Logan, Lyra Cartridges, VPI Industries, Hegel Music Systems, Scansonic, Aurender, Esoteric, Prima Luna . We offer the finest in cabling and power line conditioning from Nordost, Kubala-sosna and Wire World Cables. We also offer State of the Art equipment racks and stands built to the highest standards.

Equipment trade-ins are always welcome. Special trade up programs are available to our McIntosh and Jadis customers. In home and in store equipment demos are available by appointment within our territory.

For our McIntosh enthusiasts, our certified McIntosh technicians are on hand for custom modifications and service.

Come experience the absolute finest in audio.

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